Our Services

At the risk of appearing boring, but for the sake of being complete, we offer the following services, as do most firms of CA's:


Our philosophy is that these processes should be more than just a compliance requirement. We see it as an opportunity for us to learn about your organisation and understand your business. This knowledge will enable us to provide you with an enhanced service in general, as well as services like tax consulting and management advice.

We can assist with the identification of weaknesses within a business when they're still insignificant and easy to mitigate. An audit also presents an opportunity for you as client, as we are at your premises when performing an audit and you have access to our professional and competent personnel, to assist with your enquiries. It is also an opportunity for you to learn more about your business in a different way and to understand the key indicators of a successful business. 

Our services include:


  • Attorney Trust Accounts

  • Auditing of Non-profit organisations

  • Body Corporate Audits

  • Compulsory Statutory Audits

  • Estate Agent Trust Account Audits

  • Independent Reviews

  • Voluntary Statutory Audits